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Und in welcher Kita kommt euer Kind unter?

Frequently Asked Questions


For how many kindergartens can I pre-register my child?

You can select up to eight kindergartens while pre-registering. It's recommended that you visit your preferred kindergartens to find out about the pedagogical concept before pre-registering.

How do I receive feedback on my pre-registration?

After registering your account, you can log in again at any time using your e-mail address and the password you have chosen in order to view the pre-registrations you have entered or to change data. During the ongoing process of place allocation (which usually runs from mid-November to April), you may receive one or more offers from your preferred kindergartens, one of which you can accept.

Is the order of the desired kindergartens to be understood as prioritization?

No. All of the kindergartens you have selected consider your pre-registration to be of equal value, so it may happen that you receive several childcare offers, but you can only choose one of them. As soon as you have concluded a contract with a kindergarten, all other offers lose their validity.

My child will be three years old in October. Can they be pre-registered for care "starting from the age of three" from August?

The care types "younger than 3 years" and "3 years or older" are automatically determined on the basis of the child's date of birth. For children who turn three by October 31st, the care type "3 years or older" is automatically chosen.


Can a kindergarten see which other kindergartens I've chosen?

Yes, that's the way it is intended. This optimizes the coordination among the kindergartens and increases the chance of finding a kindergarten place for one of your preferred kindergartens.

Do I still have to pre-register additionally at the kindergarten?

No. Your desired kindergartens can automatically see your pre-registrations.

Does KITA Place guarantee that I will get a place in one of the kindergartens of my choice?

No, this cannot be guaranteed. Kita PLACE is a pre-registration system, not a kindergarten assignment system. With the pre-registration, your child will be placed on the waiting list of the kindergartens you've selected. This is the basis for the annual assignment of the available kindergarten places. This is done by the kindergartens/their sponsors in accordance with the statutory provisions and the guidelines of the respective organisations.

I don't live in the City of Duisburg. Can I still pre-register my child for a kindergarten place?

The childcare places in the City of Duisburg are primarily available to families who live there. If you don't live in Duisburg at the time of pre-registration yet but intend to move there, you can indicate this in the pre-registration form.

Where can I get additional information about KITA PLACE?

Please contact the call centre of the City of Duisburg by phone on 0203 94000 or by e-mail via kitaplatz@stadt-duisburg.de.

Who can see my pre-registration in KITA-PLACE?

All kindergartens and their sponsors with whom you have pre-registered and the persons responsible at the youth welfare office.

Why do I need to pre-register my child?

Kita PLACE is the central pre-registration system for the City of Duisburg, to which all of Duisburg's kindergartens are connected. It is the only way to pre-register a child for a place in a kindergarten in Duisburg.

With whom do I conclude a care contract?

With the kindergarten which provided you with the care offer.